EricTheCarGuy – 1998 Chrysler Town & Country Radiator Replacement

EricTheCarGuy, an individual dedicated to the art of auto repair, just posted a new video!

In this video, he demonstrates how to replace a radiator on a 1998 Chrysler Town & Country. At first sight, the job seems to be simple and rather straightforward. But as time goes on, Eric shows frustration with the incompetent design of the engine bay. The biggest priority when designing these minivans was saving space, so the engine bay was poorly engineered and extremely crammed. Nevertheless, his mechanical expertise prevails and he successfully replaces the radiator. Through watching this video, EricTheCarGuy makes an otherwise overwhelming job a reality for a DIY individual.

The radiator replacement is universal for all Chrysler Town & Country’s, years 1996-2000.

We would like to thank EricTheCarGuy for his support & for trusting us to supply his rad!

To see price & availability on your replacement radiator, check out!

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