Importance of Antifreeze

Coolant, otherwise referred to as antifreeze, is typically a 50/50 mixture of a variant of glycol and water. The glycol represents the antifreeze portion of the mix, guaranteeing that the fluid within the cooling system doesn’t turn to ice as a result of harsh winter conditions. Glycol also restricts the coolant from reaching the boiling point in extreme heat. It’s main function is to keep engine temperatures stable under all different types of climate extremes and driving conditions.


It is imperative that you check your coolant level regularly. Typically located on the top of the radiator’s reservoir tank, you can check your coolant level by removing the radiator cap and looking inside the tank. Add coolant if the level is below the fill line. If your coolant level is low, it is very possible that you may have a leak in your system. Also, it is highly recommended that you periodically replace your coolant. For individuals living in a hot climate or with a high-mileage vehicle, it is recommended that coolant be changed at least once a year. Vehicles operating in normal climates should undergo a coolant change at least once every two years.

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